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Sri Lanka Domestic Workers Union's Standard Contract

by IDWFED published Apr 05, 2017 05:23 PM
The Standard Contract designed and promoted by Domestic Workers Union, Sri Lanka


The Standard Contract attached was the first one drafted by Domestic Workers Union, Sri Lanka, on 24 Dec 2014. The union lobbies employers and domestic workers to use it. On 11 Jan 2015, the first signing of the Standard Contract by employers and domestic workers was organized in front of the union representatives.

The union's Standard Contract includes the following:

i) Addresses of employer and employee
ii) Contract period
iii) Written notice of termination of contract
iv) Place of work
v) Job description, job titles and description
vi) Normal hours of work
vii) Payment of overtime work
viii) Meal intervals and daily breaks
ix) Wage, payment of wages and deduction
x) Annual review of wage level
xi) Annual leave
xii) Notification of leave by workers
xiii) Maternity leave
xiv) Accommodation
xv) Protection against sexual harassment, safe and healthy working environment
xvi) Other conditions and benefits