Executive Committee

We the members of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) commit ourselves to unite into a powerful force to overcome the exploitation and abuse experienced by domestic/household workers across the World. (IDWF Constitution)
The Executive Committee shall be composed of one representative from each of six regions: Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, and North America, including the elected Office Bearers – President, Vice-President and General Secretary.

IDWF Executive Committee


Office Bearers:


Myrtle Witbooi

SADSAWU South Africa, Africa


Carmen Britez

UPACP Argentina


Elizabeth Tang

IDWF Hong Kong, Asia

EXCO Members - Titular

Novelita Valdez Palisoc

UNITED Philippines, Asia

Shirley Pryce

JHWU Jamaica, Caribbean

Andrea Morales Pérez

FETRADOMOV Nicaragua, Latin America

Gilda Victoria Blanco Franzua

NDWA USA, North America

Femke Buys

(since 2021 Sep 1) CSC A&S Belgium, Europe

Grace Papa

(until 2021 Aug 30) CSC A&S Belgium, Europe

EXCO Members - Alternate

Asmaou Bah

SYNEM-GUINEE Guinea, Africa

Gyanu Maya Kshastri

HUN Nepal, Asia

Norma Nelson

ATLU Antigua & Barbuda, Caribbean

Wendy Paula Galarza

FILCAMS CGIL Italy, Europe

Doug Moore

UDWA USA, North America

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