Let’s make decent work a reality for all domestic workers!
Among the central strategies of IDWF is strengthening its affiliates to increase domestic workers’ voice and representation in the policy-making and rule-setting processes that impact their lives and livelihoods.
To do so, IDWF leads global campaigns while increasing our affiliate’s organizational capacity, internal structures, mobilization strategies and actions in defense of domestic workers’ rights.
With our campaigns, IDWF aim is to bring domestic workers’ voices to this relevant policy dialogues and negotiations tables as we achieve:


and protection of paid and unpaid care workers' right to work.

Increased support

to domestic workers' organizations and their professionalization, training and recognition of competencies.


of domestic workers as stakeholders and partners in the design of care services and policies.

Collaboration Strengthens Global Solidarity

Domestic workers know that they and their organizations could never have gotten to where we are today without the support of numerous others: from community-based groups at the local level, to national bodies such as other trade unions, professional academics and human rights lawyers, through to global networks and organizations. Such alliances remain of vital importance to IDWF to this day.