Justice for Raja Kumari, Stop all Forms of Violence and Abuse to Domestic Workers

It is with great sorrow and anger that we received the news of the passing Raja Kumari, a domestic worker who was arrested by the police on the 11th of May after accusing her of stealing a ring belonging to Sudharma Nethikumara, her employer without registering a complaint. Raja Kumari died in police custody and it’s been revealed that Rajakumari was severely beaten in police custody. On June 2nd, the Colombo Magistrate’s Court ordered the Criminal Investigation Department to speed up the investigation of her death. By June 21st, the Colombo Investigation Department will provide a progress report to the Magistrate.

The IDWF is a global federation of domestic workers, consisting of 88 domestic workers trade unions and other organizations in 68 countries including Sri Lanka.  From the information we have gathered, there is close connection between what Ms. Raja Kumari had experienced during her custody and her death.  We believe this case is not isolated.  Domestic workers are used to suffering from all forms of discrimination and abusive treatment face huge justice problem.  This is true in Sri Lanka and many places in the world.  This time, both the domestic workers in your country and everywhere determine that we will not let go of this case.  Justice must prevail for Raja and for all.

Read our open letter to the Prime Minister below:

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