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Domestic Workers to Participate in the 112th International Labour Conference

June 3 @ 12:00 am - June 15 @ 12:00 am UTC+0
03 – 15 June 2024

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The 112th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) will be held at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, in June 2024. This year’s session will include a general discussion on “Decent work and the care economy”.

A delegation of domestic workers from all regions representing the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF), will participate in the committee meetings. They aim to bring the voices and experiences of the most marginalized workers to demand principles and practices that address their specific needs.

Read the IDWF Position Paper 

Domestic workers and the care economy

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Domestic workers’ organizations worldwide are committed to ensuring decent work for their sector, leaving no one behind. This commitment involves applying and implementing international labor protection standards for all domestic workers.

The Importance of Care Work

Care is the foundation upon which life itself exists; it is essential for the functioning of humans, societies, and economies. The IDWF supports the definition of care highlighted in the ILO report on Decent Work and the Care Economy, which states that care work is crucial for the future of decent work. This includes both paid and unpaid work, encompassing direct and indirect care.

Participation in the ILC

During the two-week session of the 112th ILC, delegates representing employers’ organizations, trade unions, and government officials of Member States will discuss international labor standards. An IDWF delegation of domestic worker leaders will participate as observers and as part of the worker group to ensure that their voices are heard.

Key Recommendations

The IDWF believes that the conclusions from the general discussions should build on the draft outcome document of the committees regarding decent work and the care economy. Key recommendations include:

  • Ratification and Implementation of Convention 189: Efforts should be made to ensure the ratification and effective implementation of Convention 189 to address decent work deficits among domestic workers. The IDWF requests the ILO Office to scale up promotional campaigns and provide technical assistance for Member States that have not yet ratified C189, as well as offer support and guidance for those that have already done so.
  • Technical Support and Training: The ILO should provide technical support, guidance, and training to its tripartite constituents to strengthen the capacity for social dialogue mechanisms. This will help address decent work deficits for domestic workers and effectively guarantee their voice and representation.
  • Policy Guidance on National Frameworks: The IDWF urges the ILO to offer policy guidance and training to tripartite constituents on developing national policy frameworks, roadmaps, and action plans on the care economy. These policies should promote decent work for domestic workers and incorporate their right to care as a core component of national care policies.
  • Continued ILO Research and Data Development: The IDWF supports the continuation of ILO research and data development on the care economy. These efforts provide valuable inputs to promote decent work for domestic workers and aid in reaching a tripartite common understanding of the care economy, guided by the ILO’s 5R framework.

By participating in the ILC, the IDWF aims to ensure that domestic workers’ issues are recognized and addressed, paving the way for better working conditions and rights for all domestic workers globally.


Read the Joint Position Paper from Global Networks:

International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF), StreetNet International, HomeNet International, International Alliance of Waste Pickers (IAWP), Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), India, and WIEGO.


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Domestic workers at the International Labour Conference

Read more about previous strategies that helped achieve significant victories for domestic workers on this global stage.

Media contacts:

Adriana Paz (onsite in Geneva): +5255-3290-2632; [email protected]
Sofia Trevino (onsite in Geneva): +1613-290-5258; [email protected]


Start: June 3 @ 12:00 am UTC+0
End: June 15 @ 12:00 am UTC+0
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