IDWFED Impact Stories


Story of Maggie

Maggie: Doha, Qatar As one of 173,000 migrant domestic workers in Qatar, Maggie has always been active in the Kenyan diaspora community, and in organising her sector. The fledgling Kenyan

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Story of Estelle

Estelle: Kuwait For Estelle – who left the Philippines to pursue work as a migrant domestic worker in Kuwait – hindsight is 20/20; had she known of the IDWF when

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Story of Cheryl

Cheryl: Doha, Qatar It’s her day off, and Cheryl has just returned home from a monthly social event hosted by the Bayanihang Domestic Workers Association of Qatar (BDWQ). Usually about

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Recent Stories

Story of Rosa

Rosa: Lima, Peru Rosa has been a domestic worker in Lima for 32 years. A