Executive Committee

We the members of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) commit ourselves to unite into a powerful force to overcome the exploitation and abuse experienced by domestic/household workers across the World. (IDWF Constitution)
As of October 5, 2023, the Executive Committee shall be composed of one representative from each of seven regions: Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, North America, and the Middle East and North Africa including the elected Office Bearers – President, Two Vice-Presidents. Following the relocation to Geneva, the constitution amendment was approved on 29 January 2023, and the General Secretary became ex-offico.

IDWF Executive Committee


Office Bearers:


Myrtle Witbooi​ (Until January 2023) SADSAWU South Africa, Africa

Carmen Britez

(Since January 2023) UPACP Argentina


Elizabeth Tang

IDWF Hong Kong, Asia

EXCO Members - Titular

Gilda Victoria Blanco Franzua​ (Until January 2023) NDWA USA, North America

June Barrett

(Since January 2023) NDWA USA, North America, USA

Shirley Pryce

JHWU Jamaica, Caribbean

Andrea Morales Pérez

FETRADOMOV Nicaragua, Latin America

Perlita M Francisco

UNITED Philippines, Asia

Novelita Valdez Palisoc​ (Until Oct 2022) UNITED Philippines, Asia

Femke Buys

(Since 2021 Sep 1) CSC A&S Belgium, Europe

Grace Papa​ (Until 2021 Aug 30) CSC A&S Belgium, Europe

EXCO Members - Alternate

Asmaou Bah

SYNEM-GUINEE Guinea, Africa

Gyanu Maya Kshastri

HUN Nepal, Asia

Norma Nelson

ATLU Antigua & Barbuda, Caribbean

Wendy Paula Galarza

FILCAMS CGIL Italy, Europe

Doug Moore

UDWA USA, North America

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