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The 10th ASEAN Forum recommends measures for decent work for domestic workers

October 25, 2017 - October 26, 2017

Fish Ip, IDWF Regional Coordinator spoke at the Forum on “Towards Achieving Decent Work for Domestic Workers in ASEAN”.


Fish Ip,  IDWF Regional Coordinator spoke at the Forum on “Towards Achieving Decent Work for Domestic Workers in ASEAN”.  It was held and participated mainly by representatives of governments, employers’ organizations, workers’ organizations and civil society organizations from the ASEAN Member States, the ILO, IOM, UN Women, ASEAN Confederation of Employers and other social partners.

She spoke on the principles and best practices of Standard Employment Contract for domestic workers. She highlighted the articles in the ILO Convention 189 and Recommendations 201 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers in regards to standard employment contracts. These include contract to be easily understood, in written forms covering information of employers and employees, terms and conditions of work, accommodation and food arrangement, as well as travel and repatriation arrangement. The contract should be received by the workers before their departure for work.

Domestic workers often faced deceptions and get different sets of contracts, resulting in different terms and conditions in actual work. Wage and other labour protection mechanism are not in place. Domestic workers are left nowhere to pursue their justice even when there are standard contracts recognized and signed. Discrimination against migrants and domestic workers as women are rampant in contract terms, national policies and laws. These have led to easy exploitation by employers and employment agencies. And domestic workers are very often prohibited for any career mobility.

Fish Ip called for the ratifications of C189 by the governments, recognizing domestic workers as workers and ensuring policies and laws to protect their rights. Standard employment contracts should be drafted and adopted in consultation with workers and employers,  unions/organizations and CSOs. Ensure one binding employment contract which should be gender-sensitive, recognized by both countries of origin and destinations.

Namrata Shrestha of the The Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions (FADWU) also spoke  at the Forum calling for the ratification of C189 and stressing the importance of the rights to Freedom of Association for domestic workers.

Source: 2017-10-25~26 Asia: 10th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour