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In Namibia, the government passed the C189 and C190 on December 9, 2020

December 9, 2020

On 9th December NDAWU celebrated the achievement on the ratification of Convention 189 and 190, Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C189) aimed at improving domestic workers working conditions.


From 2011, June 16th Namibia and other domestic workers organizations were campaigning for ratification of C189 but from 2019 where Convention on Gender Based Violence (C 190) was adopted in 21 June, 2019, they took all the conventions together and start the campaign for their ratification.

In this year, December 9th, 2020, the government of Namibia ratified both Conventions (C189 and c190).This was achieved in collaboration of International Domestic Workers Union, The Federation, local unions, other stakeholders, other affiliates in Africa and other IDWF regions. It is our Victory, our Achievement for IDWF and its affiliates globally. It is the fruits of our struggle! Together we can make things happen.

On 9th December NDAWU celebrated the achievement on the ratification of Convention 189 and 190, Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C 189) aimed at improving domestic workers working conditions and  C190 aiming at eliminating violence and Harassment in the World of Work. Both two Conventions are important to domestic workers as they protecting them to unfair practices which are seen at global level.  NDAWU host Marching campaign in the town of Rundu and NDAWU hand over petition to the office Governor on Human Rights Days.

Gratitude massage from NDAWU to all our supporters

With greetings from Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers’ Union (NDAWU) is an affiliate to the National Union of Namibia Workers (NUNW) same vein NDAWU is also affiliated to the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF). NDAWU is currently the recognized domestic and Allied workers’ trade union advocating for the right and working conditions of domestic workers in Namibia. NDAWU is registered trade union which services fundamental freedoms to its members. As enshrined by the Namibian Constitution Chapter, Article 21(e).

On behalf of the entire leadership of NDAWU, we  would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to Namibian government departments, especially MINISTRY OF LABOUR, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS & EMPLOYMENT CREATION Namibia regional Councillor offices as Governor officers in Namibia and National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW), Namibian Employers Federation  members of the public and our heroes  sisters Unions international and nationally country for their commitment and overwhelming support throughout this  struggle NDAWU went through to fights for the rectification of Decent work for domestic workers .

It was not an easy one but, through collaborative efforts, we managed to Listen and learn a lot from others to be patient and humble limit the personal and economic negative effects that result from unwanted needs to positive and great work achieved with each and everyone support care and love.

Throughout the years NDAWU host several marching Campaigns we have shared our journey with you, all our loyal supporters, in newsletter and on our social media pages (Face book and WhatsApp.

On behalf of NDAWU Leadership with love, we thank you all. Thank for your engagement on our platforms, for the loud cheers and warm regards when you encounter our Marching campaign on the streets all over in Namibia. Thank you for the words of encouragement and the support you showed during the devastating time thank you for your active participation and inputs.

Everyone for bringing their expertise and experience around thee engaging by stood by our side and give NDAWU a Gold metal bright light in the life of Namibian Domestic Workers   in such fruitful, constructive and open exchanges throughout the days.

Our special thanks to International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) especially to President Myrtle Witbooi, GS, Elizabeth Tang who visited us in Namibia who supported us technically and morally. Also co-chairs of the different Work Streams Olof Palm Centre in Sweden for their leadership and support, FOS, OSISA and other partners. The reflection on continuous engagement and high quality of acknowledge of our work on the ground was covered across the various work streams over the last 5 years. The agenda of the dialogue via various platforms to encourage us to lobby ou stakeholders and government is deepening to include a thematic transparency. In response to a specific demand from developing countries.

The Support from tripartite Forum is playing a significant role in bringing together changes in our venerable women ad man in the private households a critical mass of relevant actors to work collaboratively and strategically, through an open and inclusive participatory process, on how to shape durable condition of domestic workers.

It is with pleasure that NDAWU   recognized and appreciate that huge strife collaboration was made as always, there is still room for improvement, and adjustments NDAWU leadership would encourage our government to go the extra mile and remain engaged and constructively contribute to this demanding process to fully reap the benefits of all the workers, efforts that went into this ambitious exercise. I am sure this will be a worthwhile effort.

On the 9 Dec 2020 NDAWU celebrated ourachievement on the ratification of Convention 189 and 190 developments on producing countries, with a shift in demand on improving domestic workers working condition and NDAWU host Marching campaign in the town of Rundu and NDAWU hand over petition to the office Governor on Human Rights Days.

We will adjust and refine the Guiding Principles on of our country Durable Extractive on the input you have provided to us as domestic workers.

In conclusion by thanking all of you for your time and valuable insights. Indeed, you are shaping an important sector and putting tools, and offer options for policy making in place that countries can use to advance sustainable development and improve the working condition of domestic workers.