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In Mexico, SINACTRAHO begins a collective contract campaign

June 20, 2017

Collective Agreement Campaign Launched to ensure domestic workers will have minimum wage, social security and other rights.


In Mexico, a national campaign “Empleo Justo en Casa” [Fair employment at Home] was launched on 20 June to promote a collective agreement between domestic workers and employers. The contract, developed by SINACTRAHO, CACEH and the employer group “Hogar Justo Hogar” [Home Fair Home], establishes labour standards as set in ILO Convention 189.

With the contract, domestic workers who join SINACTRAHO will have guaranteed minimum wage, social security and the right to strike. SINACTRAHO’s move is strategic, as the Mexican Government is not advancing on ratification of C189. With the target of reaching 10,000 signatures by the end of 2017, domestic worker’s voices will be heard.

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via Manuel Fuentes Muñiz

Today was a significant day for domestic workers!

The first collective contracts of history were signed. They had to spend 100 years since the creation of article 123 Constitutional to achieve it!