Consultancy: Human Resources Researcher



  1. Purpose: International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) is seeking an experienced consultant to undertake a research on the legal frameworks and terms of employment prevailing in job markets on positions exist in the IDWF. The findings will support the organization to develop and implement policies in compliance with national laws and policies.
  1. Organization: IDWF  is  an  International  Domestic  Workers  Federation  which  operates  globally. It was founded in October, 2013. It is the Trade Union Federation registered, with its  Headquarter  in  GENEVA,  Switzerland.  The  objective  of  IDWF  is  to  build  a  powerful,  democratic  and  united  domestic  workers’  global  federation  for  the  strong  protection  and  advancement of domestic workers’ rights and dignity everywhere. Its affiliates are found in the  following regions; Latin America, Asia, North America/Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Mena.
  1. Background to the Consultancy:
    Currently, the human resource of IDWF is managed by the Operation Manager under the guidance of the General Secretary. based on its own policies and salary structure developed in 2014. Since then, the content has been revised at different period of time in an unsystematic fashion. Therefore, we are aiming to achieve an organizational HR policies in a working trade union environment. The Executive Committee and staff have agreed to engage external experts who can help the organization to overhaul its existing HR Policy. In this case greater clarity and consistency in human resources management is expected to improve the terms of employment for all staff.
  1. Scope of the Consultancy
    1. To collect data and relevant information on the terms of employment commonly included in employment contracts between employers and employees on the positions current exist in the IDWF. These data and information should include:
      existing laws, legislations and regulations governing employment of persons such as labor laws or legislations, employees compensations laws, etc.. social security contributions in the framework of employments; e.g. sickness, unemployment, retirement, etc.. renumeration packages on positions similar and/or comparable to those of the IDWF existing in the job markets including items such as salaries, holidays, working hours and other terms of employment
    2. To compare and analyze the findings vis-à-vis the existing HR Policy of the IDWF and its terms of employment to identify the gaps and areas of improvements.
  1. Output and Time Frame:
    A report on summaries of the findings on i), ii) and iii) under 4.0 with analysis of the gaps and areas of improvements, to be submitted to the IDWF General Secretary, not later than the June 30, 2023.
  1. Criteria
    IDWF is seeking a consultant who:
    At least five years’ experiences in human resources Experience in undertaking similar assignment Excellent in report writing skills Excellent spoken and written English Availability to fulfill the role and tasks within the stipulated timeframe A certified HR professional with management-level knowledge and experience in global/international HR compliance is an advantage
    The payment is 120-160 USD per hour subject to experience and qualifications.

All interested parties must submit its resume by e-mail before 28th Feb 2023 to [email protected]



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