Strong and united against the pandemic: Results of the regional survey on the impact of COVID-19 on domestic workers

This Survey was designed in April 2020 since it was already clear for the regional IDWF team in Latin America that we had to generate our own information of “hard data” to use it as empirical evidence regarding the effects of the pandemic on our sector. Also, we wanted to offer useful tools to union organizations to contribute to their organizing and advocacy actions before governments during and after the pandemic.

Table of Contents:

  • Domestic workers among the sectors that were most affected by the pandemic.
  • Social inequality: Domestic workers face food insecurity, poverty or the risk to fall in poverty and suffer hunger.
  • Unions’ proposals to cope with situations of extreme unemployment.
  • The conditions of informality in domestic employment leave workers without protection and make them more vulnerable. To the pandemic.
  • Developments and achievements of domestic workers’ organizations during the pandemic.
  • Health and safety risks.
  • Organizations have mobilised for a safe return to work during the pandemic.
  • Experiences promoted by the IDWF and the ILO-ACTRAV Latin America.
  • Post-pandemic times: Rebuilding the economy with a focus on the care economy and social and gender equality.

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