Rising together: “The power of domestic worker voices to ignite change”

In 2018, IDWF conducted an assessment on the need for organising women migrant domestic workers in Malaysia. Given the decent work deficits experienced by domestic workers and the systemic discrimination against their labour rights, organising and empowering domestic workers became a key priority. These strategies were employed:

  • Establish an Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Association to unite and empower domestic workers from Indonesia
  • Enhance the leadership and capabilities of domestic worker associations in Malaysia and Singapore through targeted trainings and coordination meetings
  • Advocate for increased representation of migrant domestic workers in social dialogue processes, ensuring their voices are unified and heard effectively
  • Improve technological capacities among affiliates to leverage digital tools and platforms for enhanced communication and advocacy
  • Strengthen partnerships with trade unions and civil society organisations in Malaysia and the countries of origin to promote mutual support and solidarity
  • Offer comprehensive services, including case management support, to migrant domestic workers, addressing their needs and challenges proactively

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