IDWF Policy brief: The impacts of COVID-19 on domestic workers and policy responses

The Domestic Work Policy Brief aims to put the voice of domestic workers (DWs) at the centre and the forefront of their movement. As IDWF has multiple affiliates around the globe, who are domestic workers’ organizations and unions fighting their daily battles for decent work, we use this space to showcase their voice and their advocacy efforts.

The brief aims to stimulate and inform policy debates from the perspective of the workers themselves. It provides information on the conditions facing DWs in the wake of COVID-19 and the contextual specificities of each region, to highlight their approaches to and demands of decent work and justice.

This Policy Brief:

  • Reviews factors behind domestic workers’ compound vulnerabilities to COVID-19
  • Presents examples illustrating how each region is responding to the virus and the effects of policy on domestic workers
  • Proposes recommendations to policy makers, concerned employers, and international organizations.

Policy brief

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Policy recommendations

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