Nothing but Strength: Domestic Workers Organize against Gender-Based Violence

Violence and harassment take many forms. Whether a single or a repeated occurrence, whether it aims or results in violence, whether it is physical, psychological, sexual, or economic, bears no difference. All of it is unacceptable, and none of it is the survivor’s fault. And we now have a powerful tool to combat it: the ILO Convention against Violence and Harassment in the World of Work (C190).

How have domestic workers experienced GBV? And what remedies have they found?

In the IDWF campaign, Domestic Workers, not Abuse, we are working with our affiliates to document this structural violence, understand its causes and impacts, and find ways for justice to prevail. 

In this story collection, as diverse as the domestic workers’ experiences have been, they still have one thing in common: they found no better resource against GBV than the support of the movement.

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Report (for printing)

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