Shirley Pryce Wins Gender Equality Award from the Canadian Government

As part of its prestigious “Gender Equality Awards,” the Government of Canada recognized our very own leader, Shirley Pryce, with the “Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Award” for her remarkable achievements and commitment to advancing gender equality in Jamaica.

This high-level acknowledgment reflects Shirley’s journey in advocating for the rights of women and domestic workers not only in Jamaica but also in the Caribbean and worldwide. A domestic worker herself for more than 30 years and a dedicated activist for human, women, and domestic workers’ rights for over 33 years, she is one of the most prominent and tireless leaders of our global movement.

Shirley Pryce is the founder and President of the Jamaica Household Workers Union (JHWU), the co-founder and Chairperson of the Caribbean Domestic Workers Network, and one of the founders and former ExCo members of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF). She played a core role in the development and adoption of the ILO Convention 189 for domestic workers, as well as its ratification by the Government of Jamaica.

Congratulations, dear Shirley. We are so proud of you!

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