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Hong Kong Standard Contracts

by IDWFED published Apr 27, 2016 12:00 AM


Hong Kong has around 335,500 migrant domestic workers (Apr 2015) and around 50,000 local domestic workers.
The migrant domestic workers are mostly live-in full time workers. Local domestic workers are working on part-time or short-contract base with multiple employers.

Domestic workers (local or migrants) are recognized as workers by law. They are protected under major labour laws such us Employment Ordinance (Ch. 57), Employees' Compensation Ordinance (Ch. 282), Trade Unions Ordinance (Ch. 332).

For Local Domestic Workers:

Hong Kong Domestic Workers General Union established Standard Contract for part-time domestic workers and post-natal carers:

For Migrant Domestic Workers:

It is an immigration policy for employers and their workers to sign the Standard Contract (I.D. 407) before the workers come to Hong Kong or start working in Hong Kong.

The Standard Contract is signed in either Chinese or English. The Contract is translated into various languages:


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  • Contact IDWF affiliate in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions (FADWU) for more information:

Tel: +852 2770 8668
Fax: +852 2770 7388


  • Code of Practice for Employment Agencies (update: 13 January 2017)

View and download here >>>

The  CoP consists of five chapters and eight appendices,  Of which Chapter 3 lists out the salient legislative requirements that EA licensees must  follow,  while Chapter 4 sets out the minimum standards which the Commissioner for Labour (C for L) expects from EA licensees in operating their  businesses. Some of the standards are particularly relevant to EAs providing  placement services for foreign domestic helpers (FDHs).  Chapter 5  and  the  appendices,  on  the other hand, provide sample forms and some useful  reference  materials  to  facilitate  EAs  in  complying  with  the requirements and standards set out in the CoP.

It is a website dedicated to provide members ofthe  public,  including EA operators/staff, FDHs, employers and job-seekers
in  general,  with  ready  access to updated information related to EAs. By using the built-in search function of the Portal, members of the public can easily  search  for  particulars  of all EAs with valid licences throughout Hong Kong.