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IDWF Solidarity Fund to Fight COVID-19

by IDWFED published Apr 30, 2020 11:27 PM

Based on our rapid assessment, we set up a Solidarity Fund of 2 million USD to support our affiliates to address some of the most critical needs –basic livelihood and medical care.  The objective is to enable at least 150,000 domestic workers and their families to cope and survive with COVID-19. 

The actions being proposed to be implemented within the next two weeks are:

  • To provide food, protective gear, hygienic products, and emergency cash assistance to domestic workers in need.
  • To provide information, through needs assessments, to amplify the demands of domestic workers unde COVID-19.
  • To support the operations of the unions offices and the sustenance of the advocacy and relief work they conduct.  
  •  To support shelters (for a maximum of three months) for migrant domestic workers who have lost their accommodation or need to quarantine;

The IDWF is already giving out grants in the sum of 5,000 to 10,000 USD for its affiliates working on rapid relief all over the globe.

Every contribution counts to support the urgent needs of domestic workers everywhere.

Every contribution counts to fight the systemic labor and gender inequalities. 

From Bolivian Domestic Workers Federation (FENATRAHOB) to IDWF :
Extending her gratitude for the support given to domestic workers during the pandemic.

On May 1st, workers’ day, a revolutionary greeting from Oruro, Bolivia to IDWF (to its technical and political team) and CONLACTRAHO from Felipa Felicidad Gonzales –General Secretary of the Oruro Domestic Workers Union, and Relations Secretary of the Bolivian Domestic Workers Federation FENATRAHOB.

I want to give thank for the support that you offer us, the domestic workers sector, globally and in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Thank you for visibilizing our workforce and for teaching about unity and solidarity to all our compañeras. Altogether can reach up far!

In this May 1st, viva LUNA (Leadership, Unity, (re) Novation and Amplification, IDWF’s leadership training school for domestic workers in Latin America)

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