Story of Gloria

Gloria: Cape Town, South Africa  Most days, Gloria is up by 5:30am to get a 7:00am bus to the Cape Town SADSAWU offices (South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers

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Story of Aimee

Aimée: Lomé, Togo Six days a week, Aimée rises before dawn to begin the 90-minute commute to her employer’s home in downtown Lomé, Togo. Her work day runs around 10

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We Have a Master’s Degree

Details “We have a master’s degree in our minds!” An ininterrupted education did not interrupt Nellie’s ambitions Nellie Dina Kahua, the General Secretary of the Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers

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Full of Hope

Emebet organizes domestic workers in Ethiopia Details “Domestic workers are at a disadvantage and the international community should know that.” Emebet is a 28-year-old domestic worker in Ethiopia and a

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SYNEMAG-B is playing many chords

Income generating activities for dispossessed workers, IDWF Calendar 2022 Details SYNEMAG-B is playing many chords: Income generating activities for dispossessed workers The photo featured for our February month was taken on

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