Toindepi Dhure

ZDAWU, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Domestic and Allied Workers Union (ZDAWU), Zimbabwe

I am a strong planner and problem solver who readily adapts to change who works independently and exceeds expectations. I am able to manage multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. I am enthusiastic, well organized, self-motivated and accept responsibility thoroughly in my approach to work as I am a conscious person, always willing to learn new things. I am a highly creative, and I adapt easily to new technology and new environments, always ensuring that I operate with a high level of integrity. My open-minded and friendly personality allows me to relate well with people at all levels being able to coordinate activities, resources, people and time.

With a solid understanding of the IDWF, its history, culture, and strategy my contributions would be, among others, as follows:

  • Attending and actively participating in EXCO meetings and discussions and ensuring my decisions are in tandem with the organization’s constitution and guiding principles.
  • Diverse skills, such as communication and advocacy skills, and broad knowledge of domestic workers’ issues and promote team work and focus on the organization’s needs. Build a mentorship program and help Affiliates understand the IDWF culture.
  • Commitment to build capacities of Affiliates leadership and strengthen and maintain unity and solidarity among Affiliates of the IDWF.
  • Promotion of organizing, and recruitment activities for the growth of Affiliates and the IDWF.
  • Help tackle challenges facing migrant domestic workers and foster Affiliates’ efforts to have ILO C189 ratified and domesticated.
  • Maintain internal ethics and accountability and promote the organization to the community and social partners nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • Fulfill the IDWF’s objectives, mission and purpose, and elevate a positive public image and reputation of the organization.
  • A desire for stewardship and service and team work and encourage other Exco members to do more with their responsibilities.
  • Support fundraising activities towards sustainability.

If elected as a member of the Executive Committee, I will bring passion for the cause of organized labour, Curiosity to learn more, Confidence, gratitude, empathy and adaptability, courage and hard work, respect, honesty, integrity.