Ruth Diaz

President of FENAMUTRA, Dominican Republic

President of FENAMUTRA, Dominican Republic

Ruth Diaz is born on July 9, 1978 in the City of Santo Domingo, sheis the mother other of two daughters and two sons, wife of Mr. Jordan Medina, and the firstborn child of Mrs. Brígida Medrano and Victor Diaz. She has one sister only, Vicky.

Ruth Diaz is the president of FENAMUTRA, founded in 2008, as a trade union federation responsible for organizing, defending and training women, so that they can comprehensively contributecriteria, proposals and solutions that have a positive impact on the country’s public policies,seeking equity and a gender perspective in all processes. FENAMUTRA currently has morethan ten thousand affiliates nationwide. Thanks to the achievements of the federation over the years, it has acquired recognition, for the achievements, as well as for the contributions in terms of training, promotion and defense of the rights of citizens, especially in labor issues.

Ruth Diaz is also the director of the Specialized Center for Training in Domestic Services (CEFESD). The center was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing domestic and care workers with a platform of knowledge and practices that allow the strengthening, qualification and formalization of their work.

The center has provided training in various areas: Home Assistance, industrial and domestic cooking, pastry-making, driving, etc… It also gives training of trainers and improves the labor duties and rights in the sector benefiting both employees as well as employers.

In addition to the above, Ruth Diaz is the Deputy Secretary General of the National Union Fenamutra Domestic Workers (UNFETRAH), which wasfounded in 2013 to promote training, equity and human rights for the benefit of domestic workers in the Dominican Republic. Currently counting with ten thousand and seven general affiliates. Together with other domestic workers’ unions, the union has pursued equality and equity in the conditions of the sector in terms of integral rights with other Dominican workers, until achieving in 2022 the formalization of domestic work, with resolution 14-2022.

Ruth Diaz was also the president of the electoral commission of the Health Workers National Union (SINATRASALUD) which is an institution with the constant objective of defending the rights and equal benefits for workers in the Health Sector, founded in 2013. Part of the union’s achievements is the recognition of administrative personnel as part of the entire Health Sector, and Decree No. 782-22 through which 1,794 pensions were granted to the health sector for old age and disability, including 103 people within the National Federation of Working Women (FENAMUTRA) and the National Union of Health Workers (SINATRASALUD). She is also the founder of the youth committee of Fenamutra, FENAMJOVEN which is led by a team of young people who train and support the members of the Union and the Cooperative in the area of communication and marketing. FENAMJOVEN works so that the rights of young workers are fulfilled and improve their working conditions, believing in their potential and capacity. Furthermore, she is the Founder and president of COOPFENAMUTRA created in 2021, which emerged as a strategy to face the situation that the pandemic imposed on the domestic sector. It offers savings services, loans, advice, loan fairs, life insurance, etc. The cooperative has more than 400 members so far. And it has managed to encourage entrepreneurship, savings habits and cooperative education of members and affiliates.

The above is not the full list. Ruth Diaz also developed projects for a Textile Warehouse, an exclusive haute couture project for women’s underwear, including design, clothing and nationwide marketing, training women through workshops and courses. The project plans to impact around 500 women in Santo Domingo and 17 other provinces to start their own businesses. She also started a bakery (PANACER), another project of self-sustainability and entrepreneurship that seeks to guarantee a service that did not exist in the community of Nuevo Renacer, to provide a high-quality bread and pastry product at affordable prices to a population of different standards. This initiative aims to enrich the gastronomic offer of the demarcation, through direct sales to the community, port workers and other institutions, tourist areas, etc.

Ruth Diaz is also working on a center designed to train caregivers with a vocation for care, with practical and theoretical professional management of everything that has to do with the area of care of older adults and children.