June Barrett

National Domestic Workers Alliance, USA

National Domestic Workers Alliance, USA

June Barrett (they/them) are a renowned care worker leader based in Miami, Florida. They are a Certified Nursing Assistant and Professional Nanny, they are reputed as a highly effective membership and base-building organizer, and known for their dynamic public speaking skills, as they have been featured in international print, radio and tv interviews. They are also an expert on domestic workers rights and history, international LGBTQ rights, and immigrant survivor-centered culture change work.

June Barret has been an active member leader and current chair at the Miami Workers Center since 2012. At NDWA, they support with the development of media and technology by providing domestic worker specific user and audience input, as well as expert advice to aid the development of policy and philanthropy initiatives. June Barret received multiple trainings, including at the “We Dream in Black Organizing Institute” (2019), “Digital Organizing Training” (2020), “Feminist Organizing School, Grassroots Global Justice” (2020), and “Midwest Academy: Strategic Campaign Development Training” (2021).

June are a Fellow of Futures Without Violence (2022-2023). As part of this commitment, they build a nurturing, inclusive community and a meaningful connection among survivors. They also work on developing policy advocacy skills to promote health care systems and improvements for prevention and survivors’ health. As a Dorothy Bolden Fellow (2019-2021), they organized and facilitated popular education sessions online about domestic worker history and other issues impacting domestic workers. They have also recruited and connected with over 100 domestic workers and built relationships with workers to bring them into the organization and movement.

“I know what care work is, as I provide care and support to elderly patients who suffer from dementia, as well as companion care and assistance with daily activities to elderly patients. I monitor patient conditions by observing their physical and mental health. And I also provide care to children: maintaining children’s daily schedule, feeding, bathing, changing diapers, putting children down for naps, and ensuring their well-being and health. I know our sector inside and out, and I will do my best to ensure that our demands are heard at the highest level.”