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USA: Why Every Woman Should See Roma

USA: Why Every Woman Should See Roma

by IDWFED published Jan 07, 2019 12:00 AM
The film is a win for domestic workers. NDWA's Ai-jen Poo and Alicia Garza reflect on the movie and how it is a must-see for women from all walks of life.




"Although Roma is set in 1970s Mexico, it offers important insights for our historic moment here in the United States, where women are not only recognizing the power of our collective voice but are beginning to leverage it."

"We must keep challenging ourselves to turn toward (not away from) the places where power and privilege undermine and disrespect women, where they leave us out of important conversations and gaslight us into believing we are alone; that no one shares our difficulties; that speaking up about them would be of no use. Every generation of women has had to confront this reality and has sought to bridge our differences in new and creative ways."

About "Roma"

"Roma" tells the story of a middle-class family in 1970s Mexico, with Cleo, a live-in domestic worker who cares for the family’s children, at the heart of the film.

Through the lens of our protagonist, Cleo, we witness the complexity that her work, and all domestic work, has within society. Throughout modern history, domestic work, as both paid and unpaid work in the home, has been undervalued and regarded as “women’s work.” In the United States, paid domestic labor is overwhelmingly done by women, the majority of whom are women of color and/or immigrants. In Mexico, where the film takes place, it is often indigenous women who move from rural areas to big cities for these jobs. Globally, the domestic workforce is one of the most vulnerable in society, lacking workplace protections, confronting low wages and encountering high rates of abuse and harassment. Domestic workers take care of that which is most precious to us — our loved ones and our homes — yet they are hardly acknowledged, let alone valued.

The film is a win for domestic workers. It won 2 Golden Globe Awards: Best Director Motion Picture and Best Motion Picture Foreign Language.


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