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USA: Celebrating Mother's Day by protesting for the rights of domestic workers

by IDWFED published May 14, 2012 12:00 AM
Contributors: Virginia Gaglianone/La opinión
Domestic workers ask senators to approve the bill of rights.



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“It is very painful to have to leave the own children to go to take care of the children of others”, assured Andrea Guadarrama, mother and domestic worker for 25 years.

Like thousands of Californian employees, Guadarrama leaves her children every day to go to take care of children and to clean houses, and like many other workers, she does it without the shelter of a Labor Law that protects her rights.

Yesterday, Guadarrama met other employees, religious leaders and activists to celebrate the Mother's Day in a very particular way: giving cards, globes and toy carts with wrists to several state senators. The intention of the visit was to remind them the importance that they approve the bill of rights AB 889. In a press conference, the coalition of employees and activists shared their personal histories.

“It makes no sense to think ‘I am going to contract someone who is going to take care of my children or my old parents, but am not going to give her the rights that we enjoyed since 1930’”, Rabbi Jim Kauffman said during the conference.

AB 889 asks that domestic workers have a lunch break of 30 minutes; every four working hours a rest of 10 minutes and have extra hours paid.

Source: Virginia Gaglianone/La opinión

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