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Taiwan: Justice for Caring! Migrant workers Rally 2015

Taiwan: Justice for Caring! Migrant workers Rally 2015

by Fish Ip published Dec 13, 2015 12:00 AM
Contributors: Migrant Empowerment Network in Taiwan (MENT) & Taiwan International Workers Association (TIWA)
What is "justice in caring"? it’s to make sure that in the process of caring, no one is exploited, sacrificed or hurt -- neither caretakers nor patients. The Migrants Rally organized once in two years got over a thousand protesters demanding for their urgent demand.



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Migrant workers made invisible.
Long-term caring is now system with blood and sweat.
Against sweatshop long-term care system!
Demand for Justice in Caring!
Realize Migrants’ Human Rights!

Press release, Migrants Rally 2015, Dec 13, 2015
Migrant Empowerment Network in Taiwan (MENT) & Migrant Empowerment Network Taiwan (TIWA)

The once-in-two-years Migrants Rally was organized today (13th). The protesters started marching from Ketagalan Boulevard. They then proceeded to Taipei Main Station, organizing a short Occupy action. There, they protested against discrimination and exclusion of Taiwan society. The procession ended at DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) Candidate Tsai Ying-wen’s Headquater. Migrants read out a petition letter to Tsai, “You have one mile away but we have 99 miles to go”. They expressed their will that in Tsai’s final one mile away from being the President of Taiwan, she should concern about the situation of migrant workers who are 99 miles away from human rights’ protection.

In front of Tsai’s headquarter, the protesters observed a moment of silence to mourn over victims of "blood-sweat" system of caring. All protesters tied yellow ribbons on long white cloth which was bearing news report of tragedies of caring system. They hoped these tragedies will no more be happened again. They hoped the human rights of migrants can be realized the soonest.

Dec. 13, 2015fight for justice in caring!

Posted by TIWA台灣國際勞工協會 on Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Make migrant domestic workers visible, Justice in Caring

This year’s migrants rally was organized before International Migrants Day (18 Dec). This was also the time before the Presidential Election of Taiwan 2016. Migrant groups of various nationalities including the Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Thai were joined by工鬥團體 (Chinese translation: Workers Vs Presidents Struggle 2016) in the rally. They demanded for improving the "blood-sweat" long-term care system. Government must take the responsibility of long-term caring, as well as establishing a long-term care system with justice. No one should be hurt. No one should be exploited in the care system. Protection for all.

The Taiwan aging society has a pressing need for long-term caring. The social tragedies due to lack of government’s caring service has become a serious social problem. This year, all groups of president election candidates have listed long-term caring as one of their priorities in their election platforms. However, the three groups of president election candidates are only making financial budgeting on long-term caring service. They have not raised much concrete proposals with details on how to establish the caring system. They have not mentioned anything about the fact that the current 220,000 migrant domestic workers in Taiwan are in blood and sweat. They have made migrant domestic workers invisible when these workers have been providing care work for Taiwan society for more than 20 years.  

Among the protesters this year’s rally was a big “Agung”(Grandpa) on a big wheel chair. The wheelchair was pulled by covered-up "blood-sweat" migrant workers who are in slavery situation. This was a symbolization that migrant domestic workers in Taiwan are invisible.

Photo: Youngie Wuo/FACEBOOK

Tsai is one mile away from being President of Taiwan. Migrant workers are 99 miles away from Human Rights

The protesters made a short occupy action at ticket hall of Taiwan Main Station. They took this action as a soft way to protest against Taiwan society’s discrimination and exclusion. Recently there have been Taiwanese who criticize in discriminatory comments against migrants who stay at Taiwan Main Station on Sundays. The rally ended in front of Tsai’s election headquarter.

An open letter for Tsai was read out in Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia. In the letter, they congratulated Tsai for being only one mile away from being the new President of Taiwan. They expressed their hope that the new president can face the fact that the migrant workers’ system lacks human rights protection. Slave-like system needed to be changed to ensure human rights in Taiwan.

Migrant workers expressed in the open letter that they hoped Tsai can make effort for migrant workers who are 99 miles away from human rights. They hoped she can do three policy changes when she is elected as the president:

  1. Review migrant workers system to free migrant workers from slavery situation. Migrant workers can become free workers.
  2. Legislate protection on migrant domestic workers’ labour rights. Alleviate immediately the problems of the current 100,000 domestic workers who are not enjoying rest days.
  3. Establish comprehensive long-term caring system. Realize justice in caring. Ensure no one in the caring system are hurt or exploited.

Face the seriousness of long-term caring tragedies. Government should take the responsibility of long-term caring

The protesters ended the rally by a moment of silence to mourn victims of tragedies due to the "blood-sweat" long-term caring system. They prayed for justice in caring. Currently, the government’s long-term caring service coverage is less than 10% of the needs in Taiwan. More than 90% of caring needs are shouldered by families on their own. Those with more financial ability hire migrant domestic workers.

Those without such ability are left with no choice but take the responsibility on their own. However, the labour situation faced by migrant domestic workers are bad. Those families who are left behind on their own to shoulder all the family caring responsibility find themselves can no more shoulder such heavy responsibility. Tragedies happened over and over again. A son killed her mother by suffocating her. A daughter who was mentally broken down killed her mother by pushing her into a river. A father killed his son in dementia by suffocating him.

There were also people who set themselves in fire, hang themselves. They committed suicide as they, being the ones in need of care, wanted no more to burden their sons and daughters. There were migrant domestic workers who suffered from mental disorders because of long working hours and heavy work. We all long for provisions be made for the aged. However, this seems far from realization for those who are shouldering caring responsibility, migrant domestic workers and family carers, as well as for those people in need of care.

When government are not taking long-term caring responsibility, and allow free market of caring, how long are we going to shed blood and sweat in the system? How more tragedies to be made from long-term caring?

Sun Qiong Li/Events In Focus

There are two parts of demand, on long-term caring system and on migrants’ system, in this year’s rally:

On long-term caring system:

  1. Short-term goal:
    Abolish the restriction on application for government subsidies by families who have hired migrant caring workers.
    Abolish article 3 in “Regulation for subsidies for providing care service for elderly with disabilities” which states that those elderly who have hired  migrant caring workers or domestic workers are not allowed to apply for Schedule I Subsidies (i.e. care work, domestic work and day-care service) and applicants for “Subsidies for home care service scheme for people with disabilities”which exclude employers of migrant carers.

  2. Mid-term goal: Include care workers in labour law;
  3. Long-term goal: Stop the policy of allowing individuals to hire migrant care workers. Government should take responsibility instead.

In four years’ time, the government should stop individuals and families to hire migrant carers on their own. Instead, migrant workers should be hired by institutions. Institutions will provide the care workers according to Labour Law’s stipulations. In four years’ time, government should shoulder responsibility of all people’s long-term caring needs by setting long-term care foundation through collecting tax.

Demands on Migrants’ system:

  1. Abolish the system of private employment agencies. Establish mandatory government-to-government direct hiring system;
  2. Allow migrant workers to change employers freely;
  3. Stop limiting the number of years that migrant workers are allowed to work in Taiwan;
  4. Abolish the regulation of one-day-leave upon 3-year contract term to release workers from exploitation by employment agencies.

(Origional text in Chinese. English translation by Fish Ip)

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移工被隱形 長照血淋淋
反對血汗長照 要求照顧正義 實現移工人權




【2015移工大遊行,要照顧正義 】

2015 移工大遊行 遇見 要照顧正義在館前路==============================================【2015移工大遊行,要照顧正義 】12/13(日) 12:30 @凱道什麼是「照顧正義」?是確保在照顧過程中,不論是照顧者或被照顧者,沒有人遭到剝削、被犧牲或受傷害。我們主張,建構完整長照體系的第一步,就是看見並正視這些家務移工的勞動處境。唯有照顧人的人能受到人性、合理的對待,被照顧的人才能獲得有品質的照顧。12月13日移工大遊行,一起上街,挺移工、要照顧正義!【延伸閱讀】1. 一張圖看懂工鬥的長照訴求: 反血汗長照專車問三組總統候選人: 建立長照系的空笑夢: 當移工拒絕被奴役,台灣長照何處去: 不面對人力問題,談長照預算是避重就輕: 莫讓長照走進「市場化」死胡同: 2015移工大遊行英文版宣傳片:文字資料來源:TIWA台灣國際勞工協會

Posted by Alex Wang on Sunday, December 13, 2015
















一、短期目標:取消僱用外籍看護工不得申請補助資源之限制 - 取消「失能老人接受長期照顧服務補助辦法」第三條:老人聘僱外籍看護工或幫傭者,不得申請第一項第一款補助項目(即身體照顧、家務服務及日間照顧服務)及「失能身心障礙者補助使用居家照顧服務計畫」排除聘僱外籍看護工之雇主的申請使用規定,使雇用外籍看護工的家庭得以使用政府的長期照顧資源。




  1. 廢除私人仲介制度,強制國對國直接聘僱
  2. 移工得自由轉換雇主
  3. 取消在台工作年限
  4. 廢除三年契約期滿需出國一日的規定,避免仲介再度剝削


  1. 一張圖看懂工鬥的長照訴求:
  2. 反血汗長照專車問三組總統候選人:
  3. 建立長照系的空笑夢:
  4. 當移工拒絕被奴役,台灣長照何處去:
  5. 不面對人力問題,談長照預算是避重就輕:
  6. 莫讓長照走進「市場化」死胡同:
  7. 照顧正義在哪裏? 2015移工大遊行x懶人包~為何現時照顧制度不正義:
  8. 2015移工大遊行英文版宣傳片:


焦點新聞:血汗體制 長照能解否?移工遊行 逼問蔡英文: 

Photo: 2016工人鬥總統/FACEBOOK

Source: Migrant Empowerment Network in Taiwan (MENT) & Migrant Empowerment Network Taiwan (TIWA)

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