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Sri Lanka: Domestic workers Union move for Standard Contracts signed!

by Fish Ip published Apr 05, 2015 01:58 AM
The domestic workers union has made a new move! It has made a Standard Contract and until now it has been able to get 4 employers signed on this union’s standard contract.


The union knows that it has been too long to wait for government to bring laws. While the union keeps on the fighting for legal rights, it goes ahead to bring changes by collective strength. The union's members made long discussion and contributed to the birth of its union’s Standard Contract in December 2014.

The union got the first employer and domestic worker to sign on the union’s Standard Contract on 11th of January 2015 in front of the union Representative.

The union’s Standard Contract includes the following:

i) Addresses of employer and employee
ii) Contract period
iii) Written notice of termination of contract
iv) Place of work
v) Job description, job titles and description
vi) Normal hours of work
vii) Payment of overtime work
viii) Meal intervals and daily breaks
ix) Wage, payment of wages and deduction
x) Annual review of wage level
xi) Annual leave
xii) Notification of leave by workers
xiii) Maternity leave
xiv) Accommodation
xv) Protection against sexual harassment, safe and healthy working environment
xvi) Other conditions and benefits

Click HERE to read the contract in details 


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