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Pakistan: Senate passes Domestic Workers Bills

Pakistan: Senate passes Domestic Workers Bills

by IDWFED published Mar 07, 2016 12:00 AM
Contributors: Baseer Ahmed/AAJ NEWS
The Senate on Monday passed a bill to protect and regulate the right of domestic workers [The Domestic Workers (Employment Rights) Bill-2015], as reported by the Standing Committee, unanimously.



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The bill was moved by PPP’s Senator Usman Saifullah Khan.

He said this was an important issue as there were hundreds of thousands of domestic workers in Pakistan but currently, there was no specific law on their rights.


He said protection of rights of domestic workers was the prime responsibility of the government and parliament.

The senator said the bill was framed after a long and hectic struggle and hoped that the National Assembly would also pass the bill smoothly to protect the rights of domestic workers.

He said that if it was made into a federal law, it would facilitate similar law drafting in the provinces.

According to statement of objects and reasons of the bill, the un-attended orphans and unknown parentage children in Pakistan are facing many problems. Our society is also facing problems due to non-provision of facilities like education, health and security of life to such children. They may involve in crimes and other social evils.

The legislation to protect the rights and provision of facilities to such children and to start any welfare schemes for them, has not been launched so far.

Source: Baseer Ahmed/AAJ NEWS

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