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Namibia: NDAWU's review for 2017

Namibia: NDAWU's review for 2017

by IDWFED published Jan 11, 2018 12:00 AM
A video review for 2017 by the Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers Union (NDAWU).



Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers Union (NDAWU) produced a video for 2017 review, let's watch:


Directed by NDAWU General Secretary Nellie Dina Kahua

Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers Union NDAWU 2017

NDAWU member give motivation speech to the delegates who attend the Congress

NDAWU new elected leadership accompanied by National Union of Namibian Workers, President Connie Pandeni

NDAWU official staff Nellie as General Secretary Magrietha Saal as Deputy GS and Monalisa as National organiser

NDAWU new elected leadership received organizing workshops

NDAWU members and the entire leadership received Occupation Health and Safety workshop 2016

Evaluation capacity Building/planning workshops conducted by Vicky Kanyoka, Africa Coordinator and Elizabeth Tang, IDWF General Secretary

NDAWU President conducted Nation's Executive Committee meeting 2017

Marching campaign on 16 June 2017 NDAWU leaders in the capital city of Windhoek Domestic workers day

After the marching NDAWU held Labour Act training and organizing/planning workshops conducted by President Myrtle & Africa Coordinator Vicky Kanyoka

Labour Act training was conducted by Cuana Angular

The marching campaign and labour Act workshops was attended by 29 domestic workers and 2 male including NDAWU leaders

NDAWU manage to recruit migrant domestic workers from Angola working in Namibia GS

NDAWU arrange outreach recruitment drive in Rehoboth town

NDAWU facing recruitment challenges as recruitment happen under the tree in open area in most of the towns Tsumeb, Omaruru and many more

General Secretary sharing challenges facing domestic workers with media newspaper Namibian

Union recruitment drive was conducted by leaders accompanied by Winnie from Canada in collaboration with IDWF

Evaluation leadership workshops was conducted by Winnie accompanied by Cuana Angular as interpretation for various language

Workshops where domestic workers and leadership have to share idea about best dream and worst nightmare at topic and presentation was fine by deferent group

Group photo after a successful evaluation workshops conducted by Winnie

NDAWU conducted evaluation recruitment to two towns Okahandia & Swakopmund 18 Nov 2017

NDAWU President Salomon Hobexab

NDAWU Deputy President Magdalena Job

NDAWU General Secretary Nellie Dina Kahua

NDAWU Deputy GS Magrietha Saal busy explain challenges of the database to the Vice President

Source: Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers Union NDAWU 2017

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