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Mexico: Union winning fight for domestic workers

Mexico: Union winning fight for domestic workers

by IDWFED published Dec 13, 2016 12:00 AM
Contracts with wages starting at 250 pesos daily in effect in five states.



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The National Union of Domestic Workers, created in 2015, has achieved the historical requirement for employers to provide domestic workers with contracts, establishing four different categories according to the worker’s responsibilities and an eight-hour work day.

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Those who perform general cleaning duties and do some shopping are included in the first category and should be paid 250 pesos per day.

Those in the second category have the same duties as well as doing laundry and looking after people and/or pets. Their salary is set at 350 pesos a day.

The third category encompasses the duties of the first two plus caring for sick, elderly or disabled people, and carries a daily salary of 450 pesos.

The fourth category takes in all the others with the addition of haute cuisine cooking and caring for minors, for a 550-peso daily salary.

Those daily salaries are expected to increase by 5% annually.

“We also seek to eradicate the use of demeaning slurs, sexual harassment and any kind of discrimination,” said the leader of the Domestic Workers Union.

“It has been a constant and hard fight, but today we can say we are achieving our goals,” said Marcelina Bautista, whose union has 500 members in the states of México, Puebla, Colima, Chiapas and Mexico City, the states in which the new labor regulations apply.

The union’s challenge now is “to reach all the states, and let [domestic] workers know and assert their rights.”

Source: Mexico News Daily

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