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Global: Summary List of international conferences where IDWF was represented in 2016

by IDWFED published Dec 31, 2016 12:00 AM
Summary List of international conferences where IDWF was represented in 2016



Summary List of international conferences where IDWF was represented:


  • Participation in Workshop on ILO Migrant Domestic Workers' Policy and Trade Union Actions in Nepal (NEPAL, February)


  • IDWF Meeting on Planning Toolkit and Political Education (HONG KONG, March)
  • Participation at Cross-Regional Workshops on Migrant Domestic Workers, Solidarity Centre (NEPAL, March)
  • International Women's Day (GLOBAL, 8 March) – In celebration of International Women’s Day IDWF introduced five new leaders: Wendy Paula Galarza Quinonez (FILSCAM, Italy), Ruth Kakeme (KUDHEIHA, Kenya), Anna Laura (SINACTRAHO, Mexico), Kyan Par (Network of Migrant Domestic Workers, Thailand), Gilda and Allison (NDWA, USA).
  • IDWF at UN Commission on the Status of Women 60th Session (USA, 11-16 March), represented by Shirley Pryce and Jill Shenker.


  • CIAWU (Malawi) & NDAWU (Namibia) Domestic workers exchange programme (MALAWI/NAMIBIA, April)
  • IDWF Mission to Zimbabwe (ZIMBABWE, April)
  • Domestic Worker Unions Assemble - Ratify C189 to safeguard the rights of migrant domestic workers (AFRICA & GULF, 21 April)
  • Presentation at the Institute for Social Studies (ISS) “Migrant domestic workers – organising for change” (NETHERLANDS, 26 April)


ILO Inter-regional knowledge sharing forum on Migration (MADAGASCAR, May)

American Bar Association International Meeting (HONG KONG, May)

KOMMUNAL (manicipal union) Congress (SWEDEN, May)

EFFAT Women's Committee: Wendy Paula Garlaza Quinonez and Grace Papa spoke on behalf of IDWF (BELGIUM, 2 May)


  • Meeting of the WIEGO ORP Advisory Committee (SWITZERLAND, June)
  • ITUC-IDWF planning meeting on domestic workers (INDONESIA, June)
  • Participation at Oxfam Urban Poverty Forum 2016 (HONG KONG, June)
  • International Domestic Workers Day 2016 (GLOBAL, 16 June) - International Launch of the My Fair Home Campaign.
  • Participation in European Development Days (eudevdays-EED); presentation on IDWF (BELGIUM, 15 June)
  • Launch of My Fair Home Campaign in Europe at ACV-CSC premises in Belgium (BELGIUM, 16 June)

July and August

  • IDWF-ILO-Promote-JALAPRT Workshop on Training of Trainers of Domestic Workers: Planning for Empowerment and Change (INDONESIA, July/August)
  • ILO regional seminar on R.204 (SRI LANKA, August)
  • Speak and participation at ILO Trade Union sub-regional workshop on ‘Organising & Decent Work for Domestic Workers and Elimination of Child Labour in Domestic Workers (INDONESIA, August)


  • IDWF Executive Committee meeting & workshop on Violence at Work and Workshop on Care Economy (BRAZIL, September)
  • IDWF-FES Consultation Workshop on MDWs Advocacy and Empowerment in the MENA Region (LEBANON, September)
  • UNCSW 61 Priority Theme Expert Group Meeting (SWITZERLAND, September)
  • XI National Congress National Federation of Domestic Workers - FENATRAD (BRAZIL, September)

In September, the National Federation of Domestic Workers (FENATRAD) in Brazil held its XI National Congress in Rio de Janeiro with the theme "Ratification of Convention 189, Equal Rights and Organisation of Domestic Workers in the World." FENATRAD is made up of thirteen domestic worker organisations.

During the Congress, participants discussed the current situation in the country (including rights won though law 150/2015), occupational health, and organising. FENATRAD agreed to support other unions who lack resources, campaign for ratification of C189, and to strengthen their membership.

Maria del Carmen Cruz, General Secretary of CONLACTRAHO, Elizabeth Tang, IDWF General Secretary, and Marcelina Bautista, IDWF Regional Coordinator for Latin America attended the Congress.


PLU/FADWU/IDWF report launch on the illegal activities of employment agencies in the Philippines and Hong Kong and Civil Society Forum (HONG KONG, 30 October)


  • European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI) on Personal and Household Service – What new challenges for Business? (BELGIUM, 7 November)  - Grace Pape from ACV-CSC Belgium took part in a panel discussion where she explained the voucher system in Belgium as a mechanism to protect the rights of domestic workers.
  • Platform on C189 launched in Rotterdam by domestic worker leaders – FNV (NETHERLANDS, 19 November)


  • My Fair Home workshop, organized by domestic workers union, IMECE, Istanbul, 4 December.
  • Participation at 2016 Global Forum Migration and Development (GFMD) & Asian Civil Society Day (BANGLADESH, 11 December)
  • Global Migration Film Festival & Discussion to Commemorate the UN International Migrants Day, IOM (HONG KONG, 13 December) – Representatives from IDWF and FADWU presented their recent project on illegal fees charged to migrant domestic workers by recruitment agencies in Hong Kong. Prior to the panel discussion the FADWU short documentary film “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” was screened.
  • IDWF-Conlactraho-CARE-Solidarity Centre Coordination meeting on Domestic workers training (COSTA RICA, 13-14 December)
  • Press release - IDWF is deeply saddened and outraged by the recent detention of two Nepali domestic workers in Lebanon (LEBANON, 14 December)
  • IDWF Statement on International Migrants Day (GLOBAL, December 18) - Domestic Workers of the World Unit! This year’s statement focussed on Roja Maya Limbu (aka Rosie Limbaugh), the Nepali migrant domestic worker detained in Lebanon. Rosie’s detention is a reminder of the vulnerability of migrant domestic workers, especially in countries where legal protections do not exist.
  • Asia UN High Level Panel on Women Econ Empowerment Consultation (THAILAND, 19-21 December)


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