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Asia: Faces of hard truths

Asia: Faces of hard truths

by IDWFED published Nov 19, 2014 12:00 AM
Haryatin lost her sight in Saudi Arabia. She first left Indonesia in 1998 to work as domestic help. Her first employer was kind, the second miserly and the third committed horrendous physical acts of violence against her, leaving her disabled — all of this she told journalist Karen Emmons, who has been working with photographer Steve McCurry on a project entitled "No One Should Work This Way", documenting and and exposing the abuse migrant domestic workers face across Asia and the Middle East.




Haryatin's last employer had nine children. She slept in a storage room and worked well into the night. She once failed to change the nappy of the youngest child because she had been washing clothes at 3am. Her employer was angry she had to do it herself, and wiped the faeces on Haryatin's face, then forced her to keep washing the clothes while hitting Haryatin with a folded cable.

Her story isn't unique. Emmons' and McCurry's work accrues visual evidence of physical scars inflicted on these women.

Photo: Emmons and McCurry (Screen Capture)

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