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Regional Model Competency Standards: Domestic Work

Regional Model Competency Standards: Domestic Work

by IDWFED published Dec 31, 2014 08:00 AM
These Regional Model Competency Standards for Domestic Work have been developed by the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. They constitute a set of benchmarks that define the skills, knowledge and attributes required for domestic work as an employment. The standards are designed to be used as a basis for developing national standards and as a regional reference point.

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Training systems in the Asia and the Pacific region are often criticized on the basis that there is a mismatch between the skills offered and the needs of workers and employers. This means that some people are learning skills that are not needed by industry and training organizations and are wasting their limited resources receiving training that is not used. This is a serious problem for any country, as it holds back development and growth in productivity and employment.

The RMCS were developed in a simplified format so that they could be used in discussions between stakeholders to reduce this mismatch. The competencies are designed so that they can be modified to meet the specific requirements of an employer, job or workplace. Some competency elements will need to be added or deleted depending on the local requirements. This review process must take place to ensure the relevancy of any learning, training or assessment strategy based on the standards.


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