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Information Guide for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon

Information Guide for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon

by IDWFED published Dec 31, 2012 12:00 AM
Contributors: ILO and SDC
This guide: 1/Tells you about how to protect your rights and fulfill your obligations when working in Lebanon. 2/ Helps you learn about the country, its people, their customs and ways of living.

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Dear worker
How to read this guide

Chapter 1: Travelling to Lebanon as a migrant domestic worker

1. Before you depart for Lebanon

♦ Things to know before travelling to Lebanon
♦ Box 1: Medical tests and reports
♦ Tips before travelling
♦ Box 2: Suggestions of questions to ask

2. After you arrive in Lebanon

♦ To legally work in Lebanon
♦ Do you know that
♦ Tips

3. Nine steps to follow after your arrival in Lebanon

4. When you exit Lebanon

Chapter 2: Your rights and responsibilities

1. Your employment contract: what does it say?

Chapter 3: What to do when you are in trouble

1. You are in trouble when you lose your legal residence status

♦ You lose your legal residence status when
♦ What happens when you lose your legal residence status?
♦ Box 3: “Running Away”
♦ Tips

2. What to do in case of disputes with the employers?

3. What is labour abuse?

4. Changing your employer

5. Legal assistance
♦ Tips

6. Know more about:

Safety in the workplace
Trafficking in persons

Chapter 4: Adapting to the Lebanese culture

1. About Lebanon: country description

2. Social practices

3. Integration into the employer’s family

4. Religion

5. Social manners and conduct

6. Food

7. Standards of cleanliness

8. How to communicate with your family in your country
♦ Box 4: International country codes

9. How to send money home

10. Transportation
♦ Tips

11. Shopping

Dear Worker


1. Arabic language
2. Asking for help
3. Personal calendar
4. Useful information on unions, pre-departure training courses and migrants’ associations in your country
5. How to use household appliances and cleaning materials
6. Working Skills for Migrant Domestic Workers
7. Work Contract for Migrant Domestic Workers
8. Receipt book for salaries
9. How to obtain this guide


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