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IDWF e-Newsletter #20 - February 2018

IDWF e-Newsletter #20 - February 2018

by IDWFED published Feb 09, 2018 12:00 AM
2018: Hope & Energy - Together, we are stronger!

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IDWF Congress

The IDWF second Congress in Cape Town will allow our affiliates to gather together to celebrate, learn and make decisions.

Stop Gender-Based Violence

We look forward to having vibrant campaign activities at all levels to stop the violence against domestic workers. 


Finally we will support some of our affiliates - specifically those in countries which have already ratified the C189 - to participate in the reporting process of the ILO.
In the regions, organizing and capacity building remain our key areas of work. We have plans for a wide range of activities and initiatives. We aim to support domestic workers working in highly restrictive places to associate and share information, including migrant domestic workers. We will invest more in research and policy formulation to ensure domestic workers are included in important thematic debates such as the care economy and safe migration. More on the Priorities in the Regions >>>

IDWF is growing

Internally, the IDWF will continue to grow. We plan to open a branch office in the MENA Region and our staff team will be expanded.
The first new staff member will a “Migration Expert”. Marie-José Tayah who used to be our Regional Coordinator for MENA will fill this position. She is succeeded in the MENA Region by Mariella Elizabeth Acuña.

Other new staff positions planned are a Fundraising officer, a Capacity Building Officer and an Administrative Assistant. Finally, our Project Manager, Kris Chiu, will be leaving and will be succeeded by
Joe Leung.

2018 will be a hopeful year for lots of domestic workers.
The IDWF is fully behind them. 
Together we will be stronger.


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