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IDWF e-Newsletter #14 - October 2016

IDWF e-Newsletter #14 - October 2016

by IDWFED published Oct 28, 2016 12:00 AM
VIVA Domestic workers!

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IDWF Executive CommitteeIDWF at the AWID FORUM

The IDWF Executive Committee held its annual face-to-face meeting in Sao Paulo on 12-14 September this year.

The annual ExCo meeting is an opportunity to examine the progress of the IDWF, in particular, how we have advanced towards the goals in the 5-Year Strategic Plan.

On planning for 2017, apart from the "My Fair Home" campaign, key priorities will domestic workers in the care economy and the ILO process on the violence at work.  On organizing, the IDWF will strengthen its reach to include existing domestic workers unions and organizations especially in Europe, Latin America and N. America.  On capacity building, we will put more resources on leadership formation of domestic workers with the production of the IDWF training manuals on planning and building our political power.  

The other important aspect in building the IDWF is to build its organizational capacities especially to ensure its newly-established Secretariat to support affiliates to grow.  This will require strengthening IDWF’s internal democracy and transparency so that affiliates can engage fully in the decision-making process. Finally, we will begin preparatory work for the second congress of the IDWF in 2018, which will include evaluation of our first 5 years and planning for the future. Read more >>>

In September, IDWF had a delegation of 9 people participating in the Association of Women in Development Forum in Bahia, Brazil.

The theme of the Forum was "Feminist Futures" and it brought together a diverse array of feminist and women's rights organisations, workers' organisations, LBTI groups, and indigenous and peasant organizations. Read more >>>

IDWF led two workshops:

1/ Domestic Workers Organizing Across Nationality and Ethnicity Lines

Watch the video >>>

Moderator: Karin Pape
Speakers: Phosuk Gasing (Hong Kong), Wendy Garlaza (Italy), Celeste Faison (USA)

2/ Domestic Workers Reclaiming Rights and Justice through Collective Power

Watch the video >>>

Moderator: Vicky Kanyoka
Speakers: Marcelina Bautista (Mexico), Ernestina Ochoa (Peru), Shirley Pryce (Jamaica), Myrtle Witbooi (South Africa)



On October 7 2016, International Day for Decent Work, the National Union of Domestic Employees (SYNEM GUINEA) held its General Assembly and supported the MY FAIR HOME campaign, reiterating the demand for the Guinea government to ratify C189. Read more >>>

Domestic workers in UHFTAWU organized 15 migrant domestic workers who came back from the Middle East and recruited them in the Saccos/cooperative which is called "Workers Solidarity Co-operative Savings and Credit Society Limited (WOSCO)".

Domestic Service Workers Union (DSWU) conducted a training on finance and administration to 25 domestic workers so that they can manage the finances of the union and mobilize domestic workers to pay union dues.


Toward effective planning: ToT workshop in Jakarta

Asian domestic workers’ leaders took the first step toward better planning for further organizing.

14 domestic worker leaders and 6 domestic worker organizers attended a Training of Trainer's workshop in Jakarta, 31 July - 3 August.

At the workshop, participants reviewed and gave feedback on a draft of planning manual IDWF is developing. Read more >>>


EESC adopted an "opinion" paper on the rights of live-in care workers

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted an "opinion" paper, to which IDWF provided input, on "the rights of live-in care workers, which we hope will be a good contribution to the discussion on how European societies should address home care workers.

In October, Wendy and Juanita Flores Galarza, members of IDWF Executive Committee, participated in the first Congress on Domestic and Care Work in Spain with approximately 300 workers. As a result, on 1 and 2 October, this issue was ranked in Twitter as number 4 in the country.

The Congress was organized by women who have decided not to be victims, but to be active in the change they themselves claim in their work. Participants made a call to all institutions there ratification of C189, the implementation of labor laws, and training in occupational health and safety. Read more >>>


The FENATRAD affiliates to the International Domestic Workers Federation

In September, the National Federation of Domestic Workers (FENATRAD) in Brazil held its XI National Congress in Rio de Janeiro with the theme "Ratification of Convention 189, Equal Rights and Organization of Domestic Workers in World."

13 unions of domestic workers from different parts of the country make up this Federation.

Another topic of discussion was the affiliation of FENATRAD to IDWF, which was approved by unanimous vote. Read more >>>


NDWA holds National Assembly with 500 domestic workers and leaders

NDWA holds National Assembly with 500 domestic workers and leaders from across the US - Everyone an organizer!

That was the message of Dignity, Unity, Power, and NDWA’s National Assembly in Washington DC from 16-20 September.  

At our biannual national assemblies, we align on our strategy, we form important connections across our movement, we elect the people who will serve on our Board of Directors for the next two years, and we deepen our skills for organizing to win. 525 people participated from more than 25 states and from around the world. Read more >>>


Community Solutions Program (CSP) by IREX

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is inviting applicants for its Community Solutions Program (CSP) 2017–2018 with an aim to improving their communities by addressing issues related to the environment, tolerance and conflict resolution, transparency and accountability, and women and gender. For 2017–2018, up to 100 community activists will be selected to participate in the program, which includes:

•    Fellowship in the United States
•    Community Leadership Institute
•    Community-based initiatives

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