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by IDWFED published Jun 01, 2017 12:00 AM
UNITED, WE GROW STRONGER! International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) Annual Report 2016

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  • Words from Myrtle Witbooi, IDWF President
  • Words from Elizabeth Tang, IDWF General Secretary

The 5-Year Strategic Plan: Areas of Work and Highlights

  • Federation Development
  • Affiliate Development
  • Capacity Building of Domestic Workers
  • Campaigns and Research – Achievement of Legal Rights
  • Migrant Domestic Workers Organizing & Advocacy
  • Participation in Regional and International Conferences and Events

Our Key Funders & Partners
Revised Strategic Plan
Information on the IDWF

Words from Myrtle Witbooi, IDWF President

Another year has passed and we keep growing stronger and stronger.Our voices, our campaigns, take place day after day around the world.We remain an “open door” for all domestic workers, wherever they may be.

We will not, and cannot, stop our work until all are free. We have shown the world that if women stand together and are united we can overcome any obstacle. Victory will be ours.

 Once again, I wish to thank to our General Secretary, our coordinators, our staff, and our loyal supporters for your commitment and hard work. You are all very much appreciated.

Words from Elizabeth Tang, IDWF General Secretary

In 2016, we began to turn our 5-Year Strategic Plan into action! This required a great deal of hard work from everyone, but the achievements – many of which are noted in this report - speak for themselves.

For myself, it was gratifiying to finally establish a functioning secretariat in Hong Kong to help manage and support our affiliates. I was also very pleased to be able to expanded our staff presence to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by welcoming Marie-José L. Tayah as Regional Coordinator, based in Beirut, Lebanon. This is a vital role in a region where the rights of domestic workers continue to be violated on a systematic and regular basis. This was sadly illustrated in December when domestic worker leaders, Sushila Rana and Roja Maya Limbu, were targeted by the Lebanese authorities for their legitimate efforts to organise fellow workers to advocate for their rights.

In Latin America, work with our affilitates focussed on laying the foundations necessary for IDWF’s sustainability in the long term. We have now put in place a realistic and robust regional workplan focusing on the development of domestic worker leaders and regional coordination. Much work is still to be done, but with trust and cooperation I am confident we can build a strong presence in the region.  

I would like to thank all our affiliates for the tireless dedication and commitment they showed throughout the year working for the rights and dignity of every domestic worker in the world. You never fail to deliver, even when this involves making big personal sacrifices. This annual report is a testiment to your amazing work and achievements.

Last but by no means least, I would like to thank those who supported the work of IDWF throughout 2016. Much of what you see in this report would not have been possible without their generousity.



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