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Activities Report of Asociación de Trabajadoras de Hogar (ATH) in Bilbao by Claire Hobden

by IDWFED published Nov 30, 2009 12:00 AM
Contributors: Claire Hobden
At the end of November, at the request of Asociación de Trabajadoras de Hogar (ATH), Claire Hobden went to Bilbao to meet with the organizers at ATH and to do a presentation about the ILO Process and the activities of the IDWN at a conference on domestic work organized by ATH. Here is a brief report on the activities while Claire Hobden was in Bilbao.

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ATH – is an association that was founded in 1986, by domestic workers, that seeks legislative change for domestic workers. Since 1991, they also provide free legal advice to educate domestic workers about their rights.  They also produce materials for domestic workers, for example small cards with the minimum wage and other rights that they have.  It appears that they are also an explicitly feminist association.  It is not a membership organization however.

Conference Program/Highlights/Activities – The conference they held was mostly about rights and the laws that apply to domestic workers.  Each day consisted of three presentations:

  1. the role and lack of accountability of domestic worker placement agencies;
  2. my presentation on the conditions of domestic workers globally, the ILO process of passing a convention, and the organizing work of domestic workers globally and towards the ILC;
  3. news and information about an immigration policy that had just passed in Spain.


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