IDWF Suggestions to the ILO Questionnaire (WEB)

by IDWFED published Jul 20, 2017 12:00 AM

IDWF Suggestions to the ILO Questionnaire – Questions no. 8, 11, 20, 23 & 33

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Should other considerations be included in the Preamble of the instrument or instruments?
If yes, please specify.


The preamble should include a clause that the instruments aims at addressing
the world  of work in a broad way,  which should include public spaces and private homes
and situations which are work-related.


For the purposes of the instrument or instruments should the term “employer” include intermediaries?


The answer is "Yes".
However, what is missing is "third parties" as mentioned in the Recommendation part No. 33.
For domestic workers this would mean that also violence and harassment by family members and
friends/relatives of the employer, owners and employees of employment/placement agencies and
brokers need to be covered by the Convention. (Could be stated here or under 13 or under 49).


Should the Convention provide that each Member should take appropriate measures to ensure the monitoring
and enforcement of national laws and regulations regarding violence and harassment in the world of work?


YES and in addition to include home inspection in case of domestic workers.


Should the Convention provide that workers have the right to remove themselves from
a work situation which they have reasonable justification to believe presents an imminent
and serious danger of violence and harassment, without suffering undue consequences?


YES and in addition, in the case of migrant domestic workers, without the consequence of repatriation
or deportation.


Should the Recommendation provide that workplace risk assessments should take into account factors
that increase the likelihood of violence and harassment, in particular psychosocial hazards and risks,
including those arising from third parties such as clients and the public,
and the presence of negative power relations, gender norms, cultural and social norms, and discrimination?


Yes and to include in the list of third parties: family members and friends/relatives of employers
if the home is a work place.

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