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Frequently Asked Questions - On purchasing the IDWF Calendar 2022

by IDWFED published Aug 20, 2021 08:24 AM


1/ Where can I place my order?

  • You can place your order via this Google Form >>>
  • Guidelines are also available for your reference. We suggest that you read it before placing your order.

2/ What if I want to send the Calendar to myself?

  • Please fill out your personal information as required on Part A & B.
  • You will be required to enter your email address three (3) times.

3/ What methods of payment are available?

  1. PayPal/Credit Card
  2. Bank transfer/bank deposit/bank remittance
  3. Cheque issued by Hong Kong local banks only
  • If you are buying outside Hong Kong, please choose 1. or 2.
  • If you are buying from Hong Kong, you can choose 1., 2. or 3.

4/ I want to order for different recipients, what am I supposed to?
Is it possible that I make one (1) payment for several orders?

  • If you want to order for 2 recipients in 2 different locations, you are required to submit us your Google Form 2 times so that we will be able to know where those two orders will exactly go.
  • It is possible that you can make 1 payment for those 2 orders.  You need to state very clearly in the email on which 2 orders that you would like to make a payment for.
  • If you want to order for 3 (or more) recipients in 3 (or more) different locations. Please contact us directly at .


5/ I have more questions on buying the Calendar,  which email address I should send to?