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Kuwait: Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association (SKDWA)

Kuwait: Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association (SKDWA)

by IDWFED published Aug 24, 2020 12:00 AM
Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association (SKDWA)
Street Address 2nd Floor Union for Consumer Cooperative Societies Building Block 9, Abdullah Abdullatif Al Othman Street Hawally Kuwait
Phone Number 96599245249
Fax Number
Email [email protected] / [email protected]
Type Worker Association
Number of Male Members 5
Number of Female Members 395
Members Pay Fees Check if members pay fees
Maintains Register of Fees Paid Maintains register of fees paid
Year Established 2018



By The Year 2023, SKDWA will be recognized as an effective and efficient organization that operates locally and internationally; develops and provides quality assistance and services for the welfare and rights of domestic workers.


To empower and provide assistance and protection for domestic workers;
To upgrade and transform their lives from lower bracket to sustainable wealth through development program.

Aim and Objectives:

Empower And Upgrade Through Educating Domestic Workers About:

•    Law and new regulation
•    Human Rights
•    Customs, norms, things-to-remember  & the Do’s-And-Don’ts of the host country (Kuwait)


The Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association (SKDWA) is a brainchild and a product of the advocacy of the Sandigan Kuwait.  It is established to empower the domestic workers sector. The aim is to strengthen the sector so that it will serve as a voice of the unheard, the fist of the weak, the leg of the oppressed, the heart of the needy and the epitome of courage and intelligence. That inspires domestic workers to educate themselves and equip (themselves) with knowledge and skills through the SKDWA programs that focuses on what will benefit the domestic workers sector in general.

Enhancement training and livelihood education programs helps the Association to move further visualizing a sustainable future. Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association is currently taking an office at Consumers Cooperative Society named Integrated Community Centre, under the appease Kuwait Human Right Society, Hawally, State of Kuwait.