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Mexico: Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras del Hogar (SINACTRAHO)

Mexico: Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras del Hogar (SINACTRAHO)

by IDWFED published Apr 27, 2017 06:07 PM
IDWF affiliate in Mexico
Street Address Río Neva 16, Col. Cuauhtemoc, Ciudad de México
Phone Number 52 55 5207 5466
Fax Number 52075466
Email [email protected]
Type Trade Union
Number of Male Members
Number of Female Members 850
Members Pay Fees Check if members pay fees
Maintains Register of Fees Paid
Year Established 2015


Promote processes and strategies to achieve recognition as domestic workers, which impact on our quality of life and the formation of a broad organization as a nucleus promoter at national level of the demands and rights of our sector.

To achieve the leadership of the domestic workers so that they are the same protagonists of their own rights, not only in the labor aspect, but practically in all the other scope of their daily life.

To be a consolidated organization that asserts the work of the home and that achieves the exercise of human labor rights by exercising full citizenship.

We are women domestic workers committed to the demands, organization and strengthening of leadership, in favor of paid domestic work. We promote, defend and enforce labor human rights and the personal development of those who work with a perspective of equity and social justice.


The National Union of Workers and Domestic Workers (SINACTRAHO) is the first union formed at a national level in the face of the need of the sector to seek the defense of labor human rights, non-discrimination, eradication of labor and gender violence , The economic and social valuation of our work, as well as the improvement of our quality of life, for those who carry out paid household work in Mexico.

After 15 years of struggle, headed by the Center for Support and Training for Household Employees, SINACTRAHO appears, which will make the sector visible in the labor and social level.

Thus, on August 30, 2015, about one hundred domestic workers, from the states of Puebla, Colima, Chiapas, the State and Mexico City, we constitute the first National Union of domestic workers in The history of our country, as well as being led by us domestic workers.


Collegiate General Secretariat (3):
Marcelina Bautista Bautista, Ana Laura and Esperanza Gaspar Aquino Martha Morales Leal.

Secretariat of Records and Logistics: Adelina Primero Santiago
Secretariat of Organization: Norma Palacios Trabamala
Ministry of Gender and Human Rights: María de la Luz Padua Orihuela
Ministry of Finance: María Guadalupe Rivera Sánchez
Secretary of Press and Communication: Teodocia Raquel Martínez Rodríguez
Secretariat for the Promotion of Culture and Sport: Lourdes Hernández Hernández
Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare: María Isidra Llanos Moreno
Secretariat of National and International Relations: Mariela Magnolia Hernández
Training and Training Secretariat: Ana Sofía Pablo López
President of the Autonomous Monitoring Commission: Sofia Rubio Raya
Secretary of the Autonomous Commission of Surveillance: María del Carmen Jiménez López
Member of the Autonomous Commission of Surveillance: Beatriz Ayala Ramírez
Chair of the Honor and Justice Commission: Mónica Roque González
Secretary of the Honor and Justice Commission: Silveria Hernández Salazar
Member of the Honor and Justice Commission: Dora del Rosario Ramírez Guzmán.
Twitter: @untrabajodigno

Address: Río Neva 16, Col. Cuauhtemoc - CDMX
Tel: +52 55 5207 5466

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