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Switzerland: Gewerkschaft Unia (UNIA)

Switzerland: Gewerkschaft Unia (UNIA)

by IDWFED published Oct 17, 2014 12:43 AM
Gewerkschaft Unia (UNIA)
Street Address Weltpoststrasse 20 3000 Bern 15
Phone Number 031 350
Fax Number
Email [email protected]
Type Trade Union
Number of Male Members
Number of Female Members
Members Pay Fees
Maintains Register of Fees Paid
Year Established 2004


With over 200,000 members, Unia is the largest union in Switzerland. Covering almost the entire private sector, there negotiating working conditions and wages of more than one million people.

Unia defends the interests of all workers. It sets up modern CTC strengthens the rights of employee-es and agrees to a sustainable model of social security. It acts on behalf of equity and social justice. In addition, Unia manages the largest unemployment fund in Switzerland.


Unia is formed from the merger of 16 October 2004 which was attended by the SIB (Union of the construction industry), the FTMH (Swiss Federation of Metalworkers and watches) and FCTA (Federation Swiss workers trade, transport and food), the former union "unia" (active in services) and the Geneva union "actions" (active in the service sector).

Unia is also active in policy and is committed to a more just society and social. Unia is strongly committed to carry out initiatives and participates in many voting campaigns. The union participates and organizes major events and took part in rallies.

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