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South Korea: National House Manager's Cooperative (NHMC)

South Korea: National House Manager's Cooperative (NHMC)

by IDWFED published Mar 28, 2015 08:14 AM
NHMC is a cooperative of domestic workers providing skill training and placement service for its members and at the same time to get domestic workers organized to advocate for their rights.
Street Address 단원구 인현중앙로 29 삼두빌라 상가 2층, Ansan, South Korea
Phone Number +82­ 031.495.6840
Fax Number +82 031.495.6846
Email [email protected]
Website Facebook:
Type Coop
Number of Male Members
Number of Female Members 601
Members Pay Fees Check if members pay fees
Maintains Register of Fees Paid Maintains register of fees paid
Year Established 2004


Toward ‘Participation & Autonomy’& ‘Solidarity & Sharing’

National House Manager's Cooperative - Why House Managers not Domestic Workers?

We call ourselves house managers rather than domestic workers or helpers, since these terms imply the image of passive actors and have a negative stigma. Through this new name, we intend to attain the image of career workers and raise self­ esteem as professional workers who manage and care for the affairs of the house.


  • Operating the workers' cooperative through self-governing and democracy with solidarity and sharing, the core values of workers' cooperative
  • Practicing the spirit of collective management, achieving economic self-reliance
  • Creating more care jobs and spreading the sense of community
  • Contributing to improve social status of care workers by gaining recognition of our work from the society



The National House Manager's Cooperative (NHMC) was formed by Korean Women Workers Association (KWWA) in order to create jobs for women in 2004. Since 1998, KWWA has worked hard on the issues of unemployment and unstable jobs of women. One of the initiatives taken by KWWA was to provide care­giving jobs to middle­aged women, which received social attention and women's active participation. Based on outcome, KWWA set up NHMC in 2004. NHMC has provided specialized training courses to house managers to give a high quality of caring service. NHMC has 13 branches nationwide.


  • Training for new members / Training for skills upgrading

­We have various programs including specialized training courses to improve skills and support to house managers to provide professional service.

  • Leadership Training

We have worked to build leadership by various ways including leadership training.

  • Participation and Autonomy

 Each member is the owner of NHMC. Members elect and are elected leaders who operate NHMC. ­ We are conducting various activities for the members to improve the spirit of community and fulfill their desire to enjoy full lives.

  • Advertisement

We effectively use our webpage to publicize and provide information to our clients.­ We carry out various activities to bolster awareness about NHMC and to increase job opportunities.

  • Lobby and Advocacy

We actively conduct lobby and advocacy activities for legal protection for care workers and stabilization of care ­giving jobs.


Nov 26 2004 Inauguration Ceremony
July 2005 Leadership training for leaders in branches
Oct 2005 Rally for members
April 2006 Open Forum: "The Situation of Care Workers in the Informal Economy and Policy Protection Measures"
May 26 ~ June 5 2008 Exposure trip on social enterprises relating to care jobs in Europe
June 2010 Nationwide campaign for social recognition of care workers
Aug 2010 Open forum on legal protections for care workers
Oct 2010 1st Rally of care workers
Jan ~ Dec 2011 Campaign and advocacy for ILO convention on domestic workers
June 2011 Nationwide campaign for social recognition of care workers
Oct 2011 2nd Rally of care workers
Dec 2011 International campaign for ratification of ILO convention on domestic workers
Mar 2012 Open forum on situation of house managers (domestic workers) and measures to protect their labor rights

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