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Malaysia: Persatuan Pekerja Rumah Tangga Indonesian Migran (PERTIMIG)

Malaysia: Persatuan Pekerja Rumah Tangga Indonesian Migran (PERTIMIG)

by IDWFED published Apr 19, 2022 04:43 PM
Malaysia: Persatuan Pekerja Rumah Tangga Indonesian Migran (PERTIMIG)
Street Address
Phone Number +60 14-911 0391
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Year Established 2019



To promote decent work and protection for Indonesian Domestic Workers in Malaysia by the Domestic  Workers Act for the welfare of migrant domestic workers and their family members. 


1. To unite Indonesian migrant domestic workers in Malaysia in fighting for their rights as workers; 2. To strive for eliminating discrimination against Indonesian migrant domestic workers in Malaysia; 3. To strengthen the organization and its members by gathering strength from domestic workers; 4. To conduct campaigns of decent work for domestic workers in Malaysia; 

5. To conduct campaigns for the ratification of ILO Convention 189 (Decent Work Convention for  Domestic Workers) and ILO Convention 190 (Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the  World of Work); and 

6. To support the independence of the organization with sufficient self-financing; 


1. To increase membership by organizing;  

2. To increase solidarity among domestic workers in Malaysia; 

3. To improve knowledge and critical education of members by training, socialization and seminars. 4. To support economic empowerment activities for members; 

5. To provide consultation and advocacy for members; 

6. To strengthen the independence of association by encouraging mandatory contributions from  members; 

7. To build a network with trade unions and other organizations that focus on issues of migrants and  domestic workers


Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Association named PERTIMIG Malaysia is a membership-based association of Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Malaysia established in December 2019. Since  its establishment, PERTIMIG has increased their membership to 111 as June 2021.  

Before its established as PERTIMIG, the domestic workers themselves as done various gathering its  supported by IDWF. Those domestic workers came individually and together from various communities  has been established before such us Serantau, ngapak, SIKL, EUB, petaling jaya, PAWON, prikitiew,  NTT and USJ group. By several meetings the domestic worker had their own space to exchange their  experiences about their problems and working condition as migrant domestic workers in Malaysia. The  workers realize that many exploitations and violence has been faced by among domestic workers, but it  was never revealed before. From these experiences, the domestic workers was joined and involved several programs such as, training on gender and inequality, unionism, thematic discussion and food  gatherings as well. By the time, the workers reached and invited other domestic worker to come and join  programs as well. And after a year the group it's became a big and the leader realize the need of identity  in order to make their group is became clear and manage better. So then, in 15th December 2019 the  number of 40 domestic workers has decided a name of group as "PERTIM" and after six months the  name was changed to be "PERTIMIG" (Persatuan Pekerja Rumah Tangga Indonesia Migran). At the  moment, the number of 29 domestic workers also has joined to be first members of PERTIMIG.