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Malaysia: Asosasyon ng mga Makabayang Manggagawang Pilipino Overseas (AMMPO)

Malaysia: Asosasyon ng mga Makabayang Manggagawang Pilipino Overseas (AMMPO)

by IDWFED published Oct 01, 2017 12:00 AM
AMMPO is an association of overseas Filipino Workers in Malaysia, with the majority of members domestic workers.
Street Address No. 24-3 3rd Floor, USJ 9/5T Subang Business Centre, 475620 Subang Jaya, Darul Ehsan Selangor, Malaysia
Phone Number +60377722833
Fax Number
Type Worker Association
Number of Male Members 0
Number of Female Members 101
Members Pay Fees Check if members pay fees
Maintains Register of Fees Paid
Year Established 2016


AMMPO Objectives:

  1. To foster growth of faith of all the members of the organization; 
  2. To explore and develop the capacity of the members through training and in organization activities; 
  3. To provide counselling, shelter and visitation to distress members and legal support and assistance related to their employment; 
  4. To promote the spirit of mutual respect and understanding between and among the members; 
  5. To get involve and participate in community affairs affecting the interests of the members. 

Program and Services:

  1. Organizing
    Mobilize  and organize Filipino workers in order to encourage their active participation in the protection and promotion of their basic rights and well-beings
  2. Capacity Building Activities
    Conduct regular trainings/ seminars/ workshops aimed at developing and enhancing the skills of the members for them to become effective members and leaders of the Association. 
  3. Policy Advocacy, Campaigns, Legislation and Mobilizations
    The Association launches activities in response to the challenge of workers, continually safeguard the basic rights and well-beings of all workers in Malaysia through policy advocacy, campaigns, lobbying and mobilizations.
  4. Legal Assistance/Services
    These services provide free legal support especially to the Association members who have encountered legal problems while working in Malaysia. Non-members can also avail of the legal services of the Association. 

Membership and subscriptions

  1. The Association is open to all Filipino workers with employment contract in Malaysia. 
  2. An applicant for membership of the Association shall fill in an application form in the first instant. When the application is approved by the Executive Committee, he/she shall pay the membership fee and subscription, obtain a membership certificate and become a member of the Association. 
  3. The membership fee to the Association is RM50.00 per person and the monthly subscription shall be RM20.00 per person. 


AMMPO was organized by SENTRO (SENTRO ng mga NAGKAKAISA AT PROGRESIBONG MANGGAGAWA), a labor center in the Philippines.

In the last quarter of 2014, SENTRO started the contact building in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. Started from 4 to 9 individual DWs, decided to name the association, UniMAD, (United Workers for Mutual Protection, Advancement and Development) on 13 April 2015. UniMAD leaders tried to submit documents to the Philippine Embassy for accreditation/affiliation but was denied. UniMAD members continued  the programs ,services and conducted the monthly regular meeting even after the non-acceptance of the Phil. Embassy.

On 14 Feb 2016, during the meeting of members, it was decided and agreed to change the name Of UniMAD , that was the birth of AMMPO and  decided again to submit the required documents to the Philippine Embassy for affiliation.

On June 19, 2016, AMMPO was officially accepted and recognized as a member of the only federation of filipinos recognized by the Embassy.


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