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Zambia: Domestic Workers Union of Zambia (DWUZ)

by IDWFED published Sep 22, 2014 01:18 PM
Domestic Workers Union of Zambia (DWUZ)
Street Address Springbok House P.O. Box 31146 Fusaka
Phone Number 0977277545
Fax Number
Email [email protected]
Type Trade Union
Number of Male Members 875
Number of Female Members 1,625
Members Pay Fees
Maintains Register of Fees Paid
Year Established N/A


Organization Structure: 
The organization is registered under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. It has a leadership structure including a President, Vice President, General Secretary and two deputies. Decisions are taken at council meetings, executive, and general meetings. Leaders are elected by members, and there are staff employees.
 To look into the plight and rights of domestic workers by representing, sensitizing, and educating them. Fighting for their conditions and decent work for them.
 The organization began as an Association in 2007; recruiting members with a door to door campaign, they formed a union. Because of National legislation, many workers feel that they are inadequately represented. Tough laws and length processes of justification makes their lobbying a long process. However, through workshops with stakeholders, lobbying, advertising, and legal service provisions, the union seeks to improve conditions for domestic workers. Most important success to date is grievance handling.
Source: Wiego 


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