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Uganda: Uganda Hotels, Food, Tourism, Supermarkets and Allied Workers Union (HTS-UNION)

Uganda: Uganda Hotels, Food, Tourism, Supermarkets and Allied Workers Union (HTS-UNION)

by IDWFED published Sep 22, 2014 01:12 PM
Uganda Hotels, Food, Tourism, Supermarkets and Allied Workers Union (HTS-UNION)
Street Address Union House, Plot 477, Ssekabaka Kintu Road, Wakaliga, Lubaga
Phone Number 256 700 107 722
Fax Number
Email [email protected]
Type Trade Union
Number of Male Members
Number of Female Members
Members Pay Fees
Maintains Register of Fees Paid
Year Established 1957



All workers in the Hotel, Food and Tourism sector Unionized, working under good negotiated terms and conditions of service and effectively governed under the established legal framework in the country.


To fully Organize and Unionize the working society in the Hotel, Food, Tourism and the Allied sector where all the workers therein shall have their social and economic interests well articulated, advocated, promoted, protected and defended by the Union through effective Representation and Collective Bargaining.


Trade/Labour unions are legitimate workers’ organizations that exist by law, the Labour Unions Act 2006 pursuant to Articles 29 1.(e) and 40 3.(a), (b), (c) and (d) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, 1995 as amended, 2006 

  • To Advance, Advocate, Promote, Protect and Defend workers’ social – economic interests at work through representation and Collective Bargaining. 
  • To ensure job security, better terms and conditions of employment for good/harmonious industrial relations and improved productivity through social dialogue as a way to realize decent work for men and women in the tourism, hotel, food and allied sector

Affiliations and Networks:

For purposes of strategic alliance solidarity, effective cohesion, cooperation, collaboration, coordination and net working, UHFTAWU as a body corporate, is globally affiliated to the following organizations:-

  • International Union of food, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Association (IUF);
  • Union Network International (IUN) and;
  • International Domestic Workers’ Union (IDWN).

 UHFTAWU also works in partnership and collaboration with the following organizations:-

  • Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union of the UK;
  • Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE);
  • Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association (UHOA);
  • Uganda Wildlife Authority;
  • Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development as the supervisor to Labour Unions; and
  •  Other Government line Ministries which include; Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage and Ministry of Trade Industry and Co-operatives among others.
  • UHFTAWU is also a life member organization with the Uganda Red Cross Society.




UHFTAWU was formed in 1957 at Lake Victoria Hotel Entebbe and first registered in 1959 as Trade Union No. 2 under its first name, Uganda Hotels and Domestic Workers’ Union.

The union was formed for the main purpose and/or function of advancing, advocating, promoting, defending and protecting the social-economic interests of the workers inthe sector of jurisdiction.

Indeed tens of thousands of UHFTAWU members have and continue to benefit from the Union Collective Agreements (CBAs) over the years. To date now UHFTAWU continues to represent workers of its prescribed sector.

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