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Lesotho : Kopanang Domestic Workers Association of Lesotho (KDWAL)

by IDWFED published Jan 26, 2021 12:00 AM
Lesotho : Kopanang Domestic Workers Association of Lesotho (KDWAL)
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Type Worker Association
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Year Established 2020



  • To unite domestic workers and the informal workers in Lesotho and South Africa
  • To empower women domestic workers to be confident and be vocal about their issues
  • To promote the spirit of unity and solidarity among members of the association
  • To strive to achieve decent working conditions and social justice for domestic workers
  • To encourage domestic workers to be self-reliant by engaging in income generating activities


To Unite the members of Kopanang Domestic Workers Association both in Lesotho and South Africa to know their rights to protect and represent them. The association aims at strengthening the capacity of the domestic workers. The association will achieve this aim by collaborating with government and employers.


The organization is committed to represent domestic workers locally, nationally, regionally and international and to lobby effectively and advocate for the enactment of labour laws and policies on behalf of its members in order to achieve social justice.


An organization promoting decent working conditions and defend the interests of the domestic workers by providing effective and efficient quality workers programmes.


It was formed when we realised the exploitation of domestic workers and not having any legal protection measures allowing them to sue violators of their rights at work. Domestic workers are been paid low wages , long working hours , no paid leave and face unfair dismissals and do not receive end of service benefits.