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Guinea-Bissau: Associaçao Nacional de Proteçao dos Trabalhadores Domesticos da Guine-Bissau (ANAPROMED-GB)

by IDWFED published Mar 16, 2022 02:49 PM
Guinea-Bissau: Associaçao Nacional de Proteçao dos Trabalhadores Domesticos da Guine-Bissau (ANAPROMED-GB)
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Year Established 2014



The purpose of the organization is to encourage unity and social and economic development to improve non-remunerated domestic workers’ livelihoods and fight against any form of domestic violence.


To develop actions and projects through a programme of social and national participation that prioritizes capacity-building of target-workers by fostering innovative responses to the identified needs.

To promote training, awareness-raising, and professional capacity-building activities in Cookery, Dressmaking, Hotel Management, Biosecurity, Literacy Programmes, and over the drafting of Work Contracts with individual employers or employment agencies, and to follow-up employees as they enter into the labour market. 

To foster small business activities.

To foster agricultural activities, namely in horticulture, rice cultivation, fish farming, and apiculture.

To protect children from domestic violence.


ANAPROMED-GB needs to be the most representative association of services in the country by gathering thousands of domestic workers and becoming the stage of significant events. For this, we must continuously improve ourselves to give our members the assistance they deserve. For this, ANAPROMED-GB uses cutting-edge technology and has highly skilled professionals who supply services with the best possible tools to support Guinea-Bissau domestic workers’ competitiveness and professional well-being.


The National Association for the Protection of Domestic Workers (ANAPROMED-GB)

The association was initially created due to the dismissal of Mrs. Cadijatu Cassama and the diverse testimonies from other domestic women workers on the different situations they experienced in their daily work activities.

Mrs. Cadijatu Cassama was a domestic worker in a household in one of the neighbourhoods of Bissau. She worked there for a year until she was dismissed for breaking a jar her mistress was very fond of. She did not receive her corresponding compensation on the grounds that the jar had a great symbolic value. As an alternative, she was offered to stay and have monthly deductions from her salary until the jar’s value was covered. However, the real value of the jar was never specified, and the employer unilaterally decided to dismiss Cadijatu.

Concerned about the situation, Mr. Sene Bacai Cassama, also a domestic worker (a gardener for more than ten years in the city of Bissau), sought help for his sister, who had not even received her salary. After knocking on different doors, Courts and NGOs, he concluded that the best solution would be to create an association for the defence of domestic workers.