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Congo: Union de Femme Domestique du Congo (UFEDOC)

by IDWFED published Jan 26, 2021 12:00 AM
Congo: Union de Femme Domestique du Congo (UFEDOC)
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  • Mobilize domestic workers and strengthen their capacity to advocate for the improvement of their working conditions in the DRC.
  • Strengthen the professional capacities of domestic workers in order to offer quality services in their working lives.
  • Strengthen the leadership of women members of domestic workers' organizations in the DRC.
  • To encourage the young female domestic worker with an entrepreneurial spirit through training and exchange of experiences and to create common development projects.


  • UFEDOC aims to fight against sexual, domestic, moral and psychological violence against domestic workers through strong trade unions in the DRC.


  • Contribute to the promotion of the rights and duties of domestic workers in order to facilitate their access to the most necessary resources in the areas of law, health and self-care.



  • Contribute to the reduction of exploitation and violation of the rights of domestic workers for sustainable development in the DRC


UFEDOC, an association of women domestic workers, was founded in 2018 in the DRC, in the province of North Kivu, following several facts noted over several years related to war, insecurity and several human rights violations including sexual violence against the most vulnerable people including women and children in situations of displacement from villages to cities in search of peace and work in the eastern DRC, A group of women domestic and non-domestic workers got together to reflect on the conditions of domestic workers (commonly called domestic boy in the DRC) in order to see how to improve their conditions during the rural exodus.